gyropen writing refill

The new gyropen writing refill offers first-class writing comfort and climate-neutral production.

The focus in the development of the special gyropen writing refill is on the longest possible service life, thus protecting the environment and resources. The stainless steel tip is extremely wear-resistant and ensures streak-free, flawless writing, while the patented gel ink provides a smooth gliding writing experience. The ink dries quickly – even on smooth paper – and remains smudge-proof even when subsequently marking with highlighters.

Thanks to the plug & play system, the leads can be exchanged in a few simple steps and the gyropen is ready to go again after just a few seconds. The Viscoglide® technology developed by SCHNEIDER combines the writing comfort of gel pens with the range and storability of a classic biros.

Our gyropen refill is manufactured by the world’s leading refill specialist SCHNEIDER Schreibgeräte GmbH, which produces exclusively in Germany. Therefore, the gyropen refill meets demanding ecological standards and is made possible by the use of 100 % green electricity from hydropower.