gyropen writes digitally on paper by hand.
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The digital future of writing

Imagine you take a pen, write on a piece of paper, in your notebook or on a beer mat. The moment you write, the pen recognizes your personal handwriting and transmits it as digital text via your smartphone to the cloud, where your text is automatically and intelligently organized and saved.

If you want, your text will now be analyzed using artificial intelligence and semantics – your location will be compared with your appointment calendar, matched to the text content, information from the Internet will be appended and automatically saved with your text.

With simple special characters that you write by hand, you can create appointments in your diary, send the text to your friends or team, or create a new directory directly in your cloud. Of course, you can edit or add to your text on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Can you imagine what you can do so much easier, faster and cooler – all with your handwriting!

Writing …

… is human history. Culture, education, knowledge, religion, art, intelligence and technology would not have emerged without writing.


An estimated 7.6 billion people can read and write. (Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)

Your mastermind

Writing is the mastermind of your memory and has been proven to be the engine of creativity. And creativity is one of the most required skills for the future. > read more!

For gyropen, digitization is the next stage in human evolution. And for us, the future means combining these things. > read more!

The gyropen® …

… is completely new and different from existing digital handwriting recognition.

  • Allows natural writing on paper with real ink lead.
  • Instant digitization of your handwriting.
    Organizes and recognizes through Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Automatic, adaptive data management.
  • Encourages creativity and collaborative work.
  • Faster work with immediate digital availability
 for sharing, sending, editing, creating Doc or PDF.
  • Apart from your smartphone, no other devices or tools are required, such as special papers or similar.
  • Can be used privately, in school, in university and in business.
  • Works with iOS and Android.
  • Incl. personal 1 GB gyropen cloud.

Your handwriting becomes an expression of your digital personality.



The sensors

Technically high-precision sensors for acceleration, rotation rates, power transmission and pressure sensitivity record the pressure and movement of the handwriting on the pen tip and recognize what you are writing or just gesturing.

The hardware

Voltage and charge regulators as well as a long-lasting battery ensure that your gyropen is always optimally supplied with energy. The gyropen is charged via a USB-3 charging socket, into which any standardized USB-3 charging cable can be plugged. Protective diodes protect the gyropen against overvoltage.

The three-color LED shows you whether your gyropen is switched on, charging, the battery is charged or the integrated Bluetooth 5.2 module is establishing the connection to your smartphone.

You can switch the pen on/off and simultaneously extend the writing tip by pressing the button on the head of the gyropen.

A built-in flash memory ensures that the captured handwriting data is secured even in the event of a Bluetooth interruption. If the connection is restored, the data is automatically transferred to the gyropen app.

gyropen – easy loading with USB-C

The writing mine

The focus is on the longest possible service life of a high-quality writing instrument, which protects the environment and resources. The gyropen refill is manufactured by the world’s leading refill specialist, SCHNEIDER Schreibgeräte GmbH. The stainless-steel tip is extremely wear-resistant and ensures a streak-free, flawless typeface, the patented gel ink for a gently gliding writing experience.

The ink dries quickly – even on smooth paper – and remains smudge-proof even when marking with highlighters afterwards.

Thanks to the plug & play system, the refills can be exchanged in just a few simple steps and the gyropen is ready to go again after just a few seconds. The Viscoglide® technology developed by SCHNEIDER combines the writing comfort of gel pens with the range and shelf life of a classic ballpoint pen.

Since our partner Schneider produces almost exclusively in Germany, the gyropen mines meet demanding ecological standards.

The shaft

The gyropen shaft is made exclusively from recycled plastics. That protects the environment and CO2 emissions. The entire production process is shaped by the idea of sustainability – exclusive production in Germany, use of ecologically sensible processes and materials, optimized logistics, regional purchasing in Europe and the use of 100% green electricity from hydropower, combined heat and power and photovoltaics.

The environmental management system for shaft and mine production is certified according to the world’s most stringent EMAS standard. All materials used as well as the functional concept of the pen case are of high quality in order to extend the service life of the gyropen so you get more out of your gyropen and energy expenditure and waste are avoided.

The ergonomically shaped shaft has a matt grip zone and enables a relaxed and secure writing position without hand fatigue.

The gyropen will initially be available in two color versions: SPACE-BLACK and SKY-WHITE.

gyropen App & Cloud


gyropenCORE forms the basis of our APP. All users of the APP are provided the same basic functions.

  • Personal user account: Register, personal data, login, logout.

  • Text recognition & semantics of handwriting data.

  • 1GB of personal cloud storage is allocated to the account as a service.
Intelligent storage in cloud folders.

  • Spell correction similar to MS WORD.

  • up to 5 own shortcodes to which you can assign certain functions such as entering appointments, sending text as SMS or creating a directory. For example: @@USER@@ uses the user’s address block.

  • Synchronization APP – CLOUD and offline functionality.


gyropenSERVICES are extended paid functions and interfaces to external systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Outlook.

  • Automatic web search for focus keywords and extension of storage to include relevant information such as Wikipedia entries or search engine results.
  • Mail delivery with a text file as an attachment.
  • Generation of calendar objects via a defined statement and appending the text file.
  • SLACK-Bot für das Teilen der Textdatei in 
eigenen Gruppen.

Top News & Updates

The gyropen® brand is registered.

English Deutsch (German) Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google The gyropen® brand is registered. The European Union Intellectual Property Office has confirmed the registration of our word mark gyropen under Register No. 018306735 for Information Technology, Audio-Visual, Multimedia

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